Velcro Glove Straps


Glove Hog

Heavy Webbing, Swival Clip. Pull Tight Loop Design


Tubular Webbing / Heavy Snap Hook



Nylon Webbing/ Swivel Scissor Clip



Kevlar Webbing w/ Swivel Scissor Clip

FR - Fire Resistant Velcro

Golfire's Velcro Glove Straps are made of high strength nylon webbing. Its heavy duty hook and loop Velcro provides for a strong hold on your gloves. Incorporated into its construction is a heavy snap hook, scissor clip, or swivel clip (depending on style)  that allows you to attach it to and D-ring on your gear! The Kevlar Strap includes FR-fire resistant Velcro.

Available in Red, Yellow, and Black, Blue, Orange (Kevlar available in natural only)

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