SCBA "RIT/FAST TEAM" Cylinder Covers and Wraps

Made of Nomex with 3M Reflective Letters

Cylinder Covers

Cylinder Wraps

SCBA RIT TEAM Identification Covers make it easy to identify your designated RIT/FAST Team at the scene of a fire. Golfire's cylinder covers do not go on the outside of the harness or cover the valve. Simply loosen the cylinder clip, place the cover over the cylinder and tighten the clip again. There is no chance to become hung up on any obstructions and you have full access to all of your valve on/off knobs and pressure readings. Fits like a glove!

Golfire's SCBA Cylinder Wraps fits securely over any SCBA yet easily removed when changing cylinders or assignments. Made of Nomex. They DO NOT interfere with normal operations of the SCBA. Made to fit all brand and size SCBA's.

Available in Red, Black, Royal Blue, Orange, and Yellow

Add 3M stripes to each side!

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